Monday, September 16, 2013

The curious case of the Trash folder design

I know.  It's been a while and this post has nothing to do with photography...until I mentioned it just now.  But I wanted to write this one out before I forget.

Had a user call this morning saying that they had created a folder in their mail file and it took the design of a Trash folder.  So when the user tried to drag and drop a message out of that folder, they go a message:

"You cannot drag and drop out of Trash with Soft Deletes enabled.  Please use Restore instead."

Okay, this was a new one I had never seen before.  I went to the knower of all things, Google, and type in the that message.  Luckily, I wasn't the only one to see it. The gang over at RPR Wyatt Support & Collaboration Blog had seen it before and had a fix for it.  The only problem is...I'm an Admin.  Yes, normally we fart lighting and crap thunder and are the masters of all me things, BUT, the steps called for REM'ing out code.  In Domino Designer.  Something I've never done before.  So, I pinged Heidi Weseel on Sametime.  She told me how to fix it.  So for you other Admins out there that are not sure how to REM out code in Domino Designer, the key to using REM is not just putting REM at the beginning of a line of code, but also adding double-quotes and a semi-colon.  So, for example, here is what code looks like without being REM'ed out

Sub Queryaddtofolder(Source As Notesuiview, Target As Variant, Continue As Variant)
End Sub

Now, here's what it looks like with it REM'ed for Domino

REM ""Sub Queryaddtofolder(Source As Notesuiview, Target As Variant, Continue As Variant)"";
REM ""End Sub"";

As soon as I added all the quotes and the semi-colon, I was able to move the messages out of that folder for the user and then remove the folder.  

Now how the user had the folder design set to $Trash is still beyond me, but, at least with Heidi's I got something solved quickly.  I am now closing Designer before I do any permanent damage to my environment or the space/time continuum in general.


Ray Bilyk said...

Yay for Heidi!!!

IdoNotes said...

I will bet the user labeled it Trash and then renamed it.