Friday, October 18, 2013

The 8.1 Upgrade Blues

If you hadn't heard yesterday, Microsoft officially released their latest operating system, Windows 8.1, to the populace.  With much excitement to officially get a "Start" button back, I raced off to the interwebs to try and download the software.  Problem was, I had downloaded and installed the Windows 8.1 preview on my personal laptop.  That was a problem.  Well, not really a problem, but a pain.  You see, to get the latest version I had to go through a refresh process which basically took the 8.1 preview off of the laptop and put core Windows 8 back on.  I didn't loose any files or pictures, but, any applications I had installed were trashed and needed reinstalled.  Okay, I took that hit, but after getting it back to base Win 8, I still couldn't download the full 8.1 upgrade.  I wasn't even getting the option in the store to download it.  After a little Google search I found what I was missing.  If you are running a Windows 8 machine with a base build without any Windows Updates, you won't get prompted to upgrade to 8.1.  Make sure you run through all of the required Windows Updates that it tells you first, reboot, then you will get prompted for the download in the Windows Store.  All in all, it took about 9 hours to get the upgrade finished.  Took forever to download the 3gb's from Microsoft.  I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with the upgraded laptop yet, but it does seem smooth.  Will post my thoughts as time permits.  
Have a good weekend!

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