Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 bloggy years

10 years ago today, this happened

Well, I'm still here.   827 post later, the blog remains.  There are actually 880 posts in total, but there are some posts that I just write to get things off my chest and don't post.  Various reasons, of course. 
When I started this thing, my intention was to join a chorus of others dedicated to spreading their knowledge and experiences.  Being social.  All before the time of tweets and Facebooks.  I'm happy with what it has accomplished over the years.  I've met some wonderful people from all of the world.  Many of which I consider good friends. I've spoke at user groups and Lotusphere thanks to this blog.  As of late, the blog has gotten a little quieter.  I don't post as often as I did.  Again, various reasons.  I'm more tied up with photography now then I am with worrying about email after the day job is done.  But, this blog remains.  And it will. I will try to post things when they come up.  Often though when I think of something, I usually Tweet or Facebook it rather then write a story for here.  I may just start updating this as more a life journal then a blog dedicated to the IBM technology that is a part of my life in my day job.  Don't know.  But, I want to thank you for stopping by here. 
If you've ever gotten something from this site that has helped you in your day job, then it served its purpose.  But for now, it's back to work.


Ben Langhinrichs said...

Wow. Ten years. The scary thing is, a number of us started blogging right around that time, so any of us that haven't stopped are at ten years as well. I completely missed my blogiversary (or whatever) a couple months ago, but I'm glad you reminded me. Like you, I've gotten quieter and post on Google+ instead of on my blog sometimes.

Anyway, it has been a pleasure following you for the past decade. Thanks for all the fish, er, wisdom shared.

Ray Bilyk said...

My 10 year anniversary is October 21st. Thanks for the reminder!

If it wasn't for your blog, we would never have met and become friends (although I have a feeling we would have bumped into each other at a coney island somewhere).

Happy Blog Anniversary! Please keep it up!

Chris Whisonant said...

Congrats - 10 years... very cool. I'm just over 8.5 years in. I've gotten good things from your blog and am glad we've become friends (through blogging being a catalyst for that)!

Good posting...

Carl Tyler said...

Wow, this made me realise my blog was 10 years old July 2nd