Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lotusphere 2011 Report - Lotus"less" Lotusphere? Tuesday, February 1

Let's just be clear from the start.  I'm not trying to be a turd disturber.  Seriously.  I woke up this morning and read this post by Peter Presnell from last night about this being the last Lotusphere. Click here to read it. And then it got me thinking of something someone said to me the other day about the backpack too.  There's a lack of the name Lotus on things around here.  Notes Next.  Domino Next. Connections Next.  Not Lotus Notes Next or Lotus Domino Next, etc.  See where I'm going with this?  Which also leads back to marketing.  Something Ed Brill said in his strategy session yesterday about a new ad campaign coming out soon.  So is "Lotus Knows" going to be put to sleep in favor of "Get Social Do Business with IBM Notes and Domino"?  I don't know.  Maybe the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist in me is yelling too loudly.  But, it's just what I've been thinking today.

But there is more to Lotusphere then just guessing direction.  There's learning.  And lots of it.  Today I really tried to focus on all things Sametime.  Chris Miller's session on Gateway and the show and tell session on zero to hero in two hours doing an install.  Sametime and I are going to become very close friends in the near future, so I'm glad I was able to get my sessions in today.  Before I forget, I want to make a shout out to this mornings key note with Mike Rhodin.  Simply put, it was much better then the OGS panel.  I felt that the answers being given by the two corporate leaders where more honest and true rather then the scripted responses.  Plus the messages seemed a lot clearer on social business in the work place.

So tomorrow brings Wednesday and much more things to do and learn.  Hopefully my aching foot will, (the one that a squirrel ran into earlier today. Weird story, will save it for later), keep up with all I want to do.

Goodnight, Orlando.  Sleep well.

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