Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lotusphere 2011 Report - Breaking news! Lotus NOT dead after all! Film at 11. Wednesday, February 2

Well, I'm glad to have gotten something cleared up tonight at the This Week in Lotus taping that was held live here at Lotusphere 2011. IBM's Kathy Mandelstein joined the panel and when the question of if the Lotus brand name was no longer going to be with us, the answer was NO.  Once the podcast is posted, I will post a link to it here so you can hear it directly from her.  So that's great news.  There was also a lot of great discussion on the podcast, so do take a listen.
I apologize if my conspiracy theory ridden blog may have stirred some the wrong way but hey, it was an honest observation on my part.

Outside of that, Lotusphere 2011 marched on today.  As did my feet.  Many, many sessions attended with lots of new things learned.  At to top off the day, Universal Islands of Adventure.  A good day, indeed.


christian tillmanns said...

If you would have asked IBM in September if Lotus Foundations is dead, they would have said "NO way, it's a strategic product!". Would it be bad if the Lotus Brand goes away? Not really. Could make things easier for IBM.

Vaughan Rivett said...


You obviously don't understand the place for Lotus in the market if you are implying that it wouldn't be missed.