Monday, January 31, 2011

Lotusphere 2011 Report - Where's the meat? My take on the OGS Monday, January 31

Dear IBM,
I love your product, Lotus Notes. I really do. I was excited to see the "Next" version of the product line. Very refreshing. I also really like that the college kids were brought in to experience this for themselves as well. And actor Kevin Spacey as the guest speaker, awesomeness.
But, where was the marketing this morning? Seriously. You are telling us the success stories with the panels during the OGS, but, how are the policy and decision makers back at the office going to learn about the new "stuff"? Help us out here gang! Get a marketing campaign to get some buzz going. One that everyone can see and associate with the Lotus brand. Sigh.
Well, that all for now. Off to session. Thanks for listening.

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