Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I now dislike the iPad

Like everyone else in the land of Geektopia yesterday, I was glued to my monitor as the live blog spewed forward information about the iPad event.  I was in awe and amazement of this wonder product that will liberate us from the doldrums of being stuck with outdated devices.  I mean this thing has it all for $499.  It makes my 3rd generation iPod look like a reel-to-reel tape player.  16GB of storage, Wifi, iTunes, Safari, ability to use iWorks productivity software, movies, e-reader.  The list goes on and on.
But after 24 hours, the buzz has worn off and the hangover has made me see more clearly now. 
Why would I want to buy a device like this?  Seriously.  I have an iPod Touch and LOVE the thing.  It has my music, movies, games, web browser and email courtesy to the awesomeness that is Lotus Traveler.  But for $499 for the low-end iPad, why wouldn't I want to take that money and buy a netbook?
I know last week in Orlando walking between sessions and hotels, that multi-pound brick in my backpack that consisted of my laptop with extended battery.  I would of loved to have something like a netbook that would have allowed me access to Lotus Notes and the Administration client along with VPN access to the corporate network.  Sure, it's Windows.  Sure, it's only 1 GB of RAM, but, it can do so much more then the iPad can.  And in some cases, about $100-150 less! (If not more if you shop around)  Plus, if I feel like I'm missing out on my iTunes...well, I can install the software and authorize the netbook.  Movies too. And, most netbooks have a webcam built in as well.  Something lacking from the iPad.  Oh...I forgot to mention that multitasking thing too.  But, since it's a Windows device, that's a given.
So, will I want to buy one of these devices?  Likely no.  I have the iPod Touch and that thing is 'da bomb.  If I had an extra couple hundred lying around, I would likely buy a netbook instead.  Or a Nikon.  Do I think that this device has opened up an entire new category of connected user, oh ya.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but it's safe to say that Apple is going to make a lot of money off of this thing.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right... You can get a _nice_ netbook that does substantially more (hey, even throw in a built in verizon card to boot) for the same price.

Bob said...

I have the latest iPhone 3GS with 32GB of storage and love it. Its loaded with songs, videos, pictures and of course The Hangover. :)

With Lotus Traveler it is almost a full work machine.

Oliver S. said...

Well, the issue is that the iPad is not a computer. So, why you will want to buy something that is not a computer? Thats the question.

Maybe you will buy the iPad as your first iPod, or because you already have a notebook and a smartphone and you need something in between that is not a computer, and is not a phone.

Steve says you need to touch it to see what its like, so lets wait just 89 days and watch people reaction

Anonymous said...

Netbook + SSD + Lotus Notes = Nirvana

Kevin said...

I can't tell you how proud I am of you now. :) Getting a little teary.