Friday, August 1, 2008

The Lotusphere 2009 Banter Has Begun!

First, Gregg. Then Bob. With the first day of August slowly coming to an end, the Lotusphere banter and excitement is beginning! Over the past couple of years, mid-August has been the time frame when registration has opened for our Lotus-lovefest. Will this year be different? The official Lotusphere website states:
Lotusphere 2009 will take place from Sunday, January 18 thru Thursday, January 22, 2009 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort and Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The team is busy getting ready and will have details to share with you on September 3, 2008. In the meantime, mark your calendar with the dates. It's been a busy year for the IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal brand; we have lots in store and we're excited to welcome you back as part of the community that defined community . . . Lotusphere!
September 3rd? Another month? My money is on mid-August registration open and full blown info will be released on 9/3. And, I'll also start my yearly rumor early that William Shatner will be the guest speaker at the OGS. But, I've been wrong before.
I also plan on updating my own guide to all things Lotusphere, but I'll save that for further on down the road. There's plenty of time for that stuff later.


Turtle said...

Oh, jeez, I guess this means I have to crank up the old Gonzo Lotusphere pornograph and play all those old records again,

Lotus Evangelist said...

time to call my hotel and book my suite.Thought I did it already but after seeing everyone's post checked and nothing.
Resrevations are free so is the wifi. Of ocurse if someone is paying I will be at the swan or dolphin, if not, I have my hotel.