Friday, August 1, 2008

ND8 Upgrade Step 2.5.1 - Validate the schedule!

Had an interesting issue pop up today with a user that I had upgraded to Notes 8. After moving her to the 8.0.1 server and upgraded her mail file, she was getting the following error basically doing anything in her calendar:
"Double Book:An error occurred while searching for free time. We were not able to perform conflict checking for you at this time. The meeting will be created and placed on your calendar. Continue?"

Doing a quick search on the Lotus support site returned information on an old error concerning delegation in 6 and 6.5, but that didn't fit the bill since there was no delegation assigned for this user.
After chatting with Lotus Support, we realized that the users free time was not registering on the new server. So after a "tell sched validate" command issued was issued on the server console, the user was then able to enjoy her Lotus Notes version 8 calendaring and scheduling experience.
Stay tuned! More upgrade stories to come I'm sure!

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