Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Okay, is it just me?

The other day, I went through the process of upgrading a Domino Domain, (2 servers), from 6.5.4 to R7. This domain is used only for mail routing, nothing else. So, I got myself all psyched up to do this. Did a hot backup of the servers, shut the first server down, installed the software, rebooted, started Domino back up.....and it worked. No major compact, fixup, updall, stand on your head, pour the blood of a chicken on your server kind of thing like we did going from 5 to 6. It just came back up, and got right to work. No fuss.
On Saturday, the 17th, I start with my admin server that contains over 1100 mail files and does a lot of routing. It's also the server that does C&S. Just upgrading the server code, and maybe one or two mail files. Should I be worried about that? I'm curious if anyone has any input. With all the "pluses" that R7 gives us, I just think its weird that the upgrade is such a "slam dunk". Thoughts?


Bill Kron said...

I'm afraid it's just that easy. I upgraded two servers from R5 to 7.0 and they both went off without a hitch. One was an in-place upgrade and the other was move to new hardware. Again, both have been running like tops.

And that's with all the compact, fixup, etc. OK, minus the use of any animal blood. :)

Of course, I wouldn't tell you to not have a good backup, cross your t's and dot your i's before upgrading, but I do hope this gives you a little reassurance to proceed.

Good luck!

Chris Whisonant said...

You should be good to go. You're going to 7.0.1, right?

Andy Donaldson said...

Thanks for the feedback, fellas. Yes, 7.0.1 is what's going in. I just keep having flashbacks to the R6 upgrade and the 18 hours that were involved. I think with this, I'll be done by noon ;) I will post the results after I am done.

Sean Burgess said...

So let me understand this post....you're actually complaining that the upgrade went without a hitch? lol

This has been my experience with Domino upgrades since I started with the product 12 years ago. I just don't understand the angst that supporters of OTHER product go through when they do their upgrades. There may be things wrong with Domino, but it's upgradability is not one of them.

Bruce Currier said...

I upgraded 2 servers from 6.5.4 to 7.0 a few months ago (both of them multi-prtitioned and clustered with each other) without a problem. The servers at at 2 different locations over our WAN. I upgraded my local server first and since it went so good, decided to go ahead and upgrade the other remotely (via WINVNC into the server). Gotta love Domino!!!!!!!