Sunday, June 4, 2006

Dang good day.

Well, we had our opening day today. That's me standing, second from the right. Day started off wet. There has been low pressure parked over Ohio for the past couple of days causing a lot of rain. The day started off great and stayed that way the whole time. For once, my marker worked great. Out of 2000 balls, only one broke, and that wasn't even during a game. Got 2 and got hit 3 times. Not bad odds. The one new kid I played with, Dave, had never played before. He sure didn't act like it. He was good. It's amazing to watch someone who is really good at hunting paintball. They know how to get somewhere, don't move, and wait on you. He is now known as "Rabbit". Joel has a new toy that he is holding. A marker that shoots 22 balls per second. Have you ever seen a marker that shoots 22 balls per second? Have you ever been on the other end of a marker that shoots 22 balls per second? Pretty scary. Thank God Joel had enough trees on his property to give me cover. All in all, it was a fun day. In the picture, we have from left to right Ron, Rob, Dave, Joel, Joe, Me, Scott (kneeling), and Dave.
Let the season begin!
Okay, back to Domino blogging next week: Upcoming - R7 upgrade, the next stage goes live! Stay tuned!

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