Friday, June 2, 2006

Opening Day Sunday

Sunday, we paintball! For the past several years, I had been fortunate enough to live somewhere that had plenty of land and allowed for my family to host several paintball parties a year. These were basically just all our families getting together. The guys, and some girls, would be out playing while the ones that weren't playing were usually around the kitchen table drinking wine and scrapbooking. Probably more of the later ;) Now that I have moved, hosting these parties in my back yard would be kind of difficult. Plus, I don't think the neighbors would much care for it either.
I've been playing paintball since the late 80's with my friends. While we have never had a real "team", we've always called ourselves "The Sherwood Forest Death Squad". (Read all about it in the book, "The Weekend Warriors" by Scott Malensek. I'm the guy on the left on the cover.)
So, my buddy Joel has decided to take up the mantle of hosting the parties, and tomorrow we play! I've got my Sheridan KP-3 all cleaned and ready to go and my electronic Spyder all cleaned up and the old pain cleaned out of it. Important paintball tip, if you own a marker, clean it after every game. Well, off to get my stuff packed in the car!

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