Monday, June 19, 2006

Developing Story....

Okay, post upgrade to 7.0.1, things not going too well.
1. Several peoples inboxes disappeared. The mail templates were not upgraded.
2. The scheduler database is allowing people to double book rooms.
**Fixed: The resource.nsf did not update properly to the R7 template. Replaced the design, stopped and started RnRMgr, and it's working***
3. Sametime 7 cannot see other servers. Can't go into the Connectivity view via the web browser and configure other servers. Also, stcenter.nsf through the browser has caused Java to crash twice now.
**6/21/06: Stil nothing new on this issue. I am going to uninstall the Limited Use product and reinstall the full version of Sametime 7. Hopefully this will get things working again.**
**6/21/06: I'm a moron. I had this same problem before. But, since the Connectivity page won't show up, I need to figure out how to get the configuration data to stick.**
**6/22/06: Fixed. Read my latest entry**

Will update as I hear things back from support.


Sean Burgess said...

I had run into a problem with upgrading mailboxes in Notes 6.5. The problem I had was due to the size of the mail files. If they were above or close to their mail file, the upgrade would die in the middle of the process. I thought they had gotten it fixed by changing the order of the ugrade process, basically updating the design elements, adding the new elements, and then deleting the unnecessary elements. It use to do the deletions first, which caused major headaches with mail files over their quota.

Andy Donaldson said...

I had the same problem in the past with going from 4 to 5. A bunch of people lost there inboxes due to a design flaw. Lotus thinks that in this case, it was that there was some corruption that existed before the upgrade took place...which doesn't make sense since I didn't do any mail upgrades. Oh well.