Thursday, March 16, 2006

SnTT - One last Sametime nugget

Okay, I was able to get Sametime working on my Domino server. The only thing that was not working was the ability to see other people on other servers.
Important points about my installation:
- I am installing Sametime on a Domino server that is in a Domino cluster. I am not trying to cluster Sametime, just use the Domino "failover" server as a Sametime server in addition to its other tasks. (Just wanted to make that clear in case someone Googles this.)
- I have only installed Sametime on Domino servers that are by themselves. Meaning, the server is not a part of a Domino server cluster, just a server in the same DNN.
- I have never had to configure the fields " (if empty, service will bind to all host names on server)" in the "Configuration - Connectivity" page.
So after some digging around this morning, I opened my CommunityConfig.txt file and saw that the Sametime server IP address kept getting bound was the Domino server cluster IP. I then went into the Sametime servers connectivity configuration page and any place that had the "(if empty, service will bind to all host names on server)" fields, and put in the servers name. With a quick stop/start of the HTTP task and the STADDIN task, I am now working correctly!

05/25/2007 - I had this happen to me again recently. The quick fix to look for is to manually edit the sametime.ini on the server and make sure that the ConfigurationHost= line is equal to the IP address of your server on the network. After doing that and a reboot, thing were working as they were suppose to.

I guess this counts as a Show-N-Tell Thursday entry.

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