Sunday, June 18, 2006

Baby-Daddy Day

I've got a cool wife. For a while now, I have been kicking around the idea of getting a satellite radio. The price on them have been dropping, and for having it on the home TV with our Dish Network, it's nice just to have music and no other crap. Well, for Fathers Day my wife and kids got me an XACT car kit...and I love it! I've been switching between the 80's channel, the 1st wave alternative station, and Howard 100 all day! I actually get to listen to Howard Stern on my morning commute again! I also broke down and got the home kit, so I can smuggle it into work and listen there. Sweet!
It's funny, I read Gregg's post it it last night, and then I got one this morning! This thing is better than an iPod. I might not buy that iPod video after all. Okay, $12.95 a month for this thing may seem a little steep after a while, but, I'm not spending to average of $6 a day on smokes ;-)
I love my wife and kids. They are just too cool!

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Gregg Eldred said...

LOL! I am glad that you have "joined the revolution." Like I wrote, it is great to travel and listen to the same thing, without having to search for stations. I think that you will enjoy it as much I do.