Wednesday, May 3, 2006

To Palm, or not to Palm

I know. I have been a bum and not blogged much lately. But I do have an interesting question that came up, and I would like some input if anyone has any. We sat down yesterday to discuss the merits of maintaining a platform to sync our cradled cable connected Palm Pilots and Pocket PC's to Lotus Notes. After getting all of the numbers together, and comparing the costs of the back-end server, the cost of the device, the replacement cost if the device is broke, and the cost of having people to support the devices compared to just giving people wi-fi laptops that are covered under warranty from the vedor like the rest of our environment, the cost is pretty amazing. We found that it makes more sense financially to give people a wi-fi laptop then it does to try and maintain and manage a Palm/Pocket back-end. Has anyone else come across this in their adventures?


Grandizer said...

My suggestion: Dump Palm and Lotus. Go with Exchange and Pocket PC.

And good beer always helps ease any problem.

Andy Donaldson said...

Ewww....them's fightin words around here bubba!