Friday, May 5, 2006

Enterprise Activation

Learned something new about BlackBerry yesterday. Enterprise activation is awesome! I've tried it in the past, but have not had any luck with it. That is, until I called BlackBerry support, and they walked me through it. Here's a quick overview.
1. In BlackBerry Manager, create the new users account, and configure it how you wish.
2. Select the users name, and in the "Common" tasks, select "Generate and Email Activation Password" This will send the user an email to their current inbox, not their device, with a password.
3. The user then goes into the Options-Enterprise Activation screen on their BlackBerry, type in their internet address and the password that the system generated for them, clicks the scroll wheel once, and selects activate. This generates an email back to RIM with the PIN of the device.
4. Once RIM gets the email from your handheld, it then sends an email to the internet address given with a .dat file. (likely one of the reasons why this never worked for me, blocked by spam controls)
5. Once the email arrives in your inbox from an email address that is generated randomly from RIM, (Another reason why it didn't work for me. Whitelist *, and it should work), the BES server will process it, and will see that the .dat file contains the information needed to finish the setup of the new device.
6. The new device should start downloading data to it.

Pretty straight forward.

Well, outside of figuring out that little nugget of information, not much else has been going on. IBM is stopping by today. They contacted me about a week ago for a meeting to sit down and talk about what we are doing with Lotus here and what are future plans are. Hopefully it will help me build a case to get Workplace rolling here. We'll see.
Don't forget, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! After Molly's soccer game, it's off to Skyline with Kevin and Shannon, and then to a comic book store!

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