Sunday, May 7, 2006

I hate Sunday nights..

Because that means that my Monday morning fun is less then 12 hours away.

Had a great weekend. Started off yesterday with Molly's 5-1 win in soccer, (go team red!). Had lunch as planned with Kev and Shannon which is always great to get together with them. Then, free comic book day! Stopped by two comic stores actually. Walked away with most of the assortment that they offered for the event as well as buying a couple of other one. One of the stores had a .10 cent bin of Disney and Archie comics. Molly walked away with an arm full. Alex doesn't really get into comics that much, just video games. I purchased Justice #1 from DC comics. Awesome artwork, and what looks like a great story too. I have to go find the other ones since this came out last year. Also picked up a .25 cent GI Joe Elite Force. Back in the 80's, I was really into GI Joe when Marvel was running the comic line. I stopped after a while because the story lines got pretty lame with all of the Hasboro tie-in for toys. Then in the early 90's, publisher Devils Due picked up the line and brought the characters back. Awesome. But, being a grown up got in the way again and I stopped buying it. Today, we spent cutting lawn and doing a little bit of shopping, and just plain spending time as a family.
Well, Family Guy is starting, so it's off to do the Sunday night thing.

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Shannon said...

We had a great time hangin with ya!