Friday, April 28, 2006

The end of an era, the start of a new

Well, it's official. My old domain Macian.Com is no longer officially mine. Back in 1997, I had this great plan. I was going to bring websites to the "unwashed" masses of Tuscarawas County. Ohio. How could I loose? I was looking at opening an ISP in town, but I didn't have the $200,000 around to get it off the ground, (Thank God!). The $20 a month hosting on the other hand, was much easier to do. I would go door-to-door to businesses introducing myself, and help them sell their businesses on the "World Wide Web" thingy. Armed with a domain name and a hosting company, I could do no wrong! That was until nobody wanted a web page in Tuscarawas County.
I learned an important lesson about life in my new hometown. If you weren't from around there, you were an outsider. There was already one guy in town that most people knew, so he got the business. So after a few months, I decided to get a real job again, and just do this on the side. I did get two customers out of it. One was my father-in-laws car lot, and another was a local company that sold cleaning materials. But, I hung onto my domain. Partly because it was mine, and also because I always thought that I would do something with it. Time marched on, and I didn't. So finally, I have given up the domain name to my nephew, who also uses the name Macian. He did give me a sub-domain to play with, I may do some stuff on there with good old Front Page to just play around, but we will see. I'm kind of glad that nothing ever did become of the website. If it wasn't for it not working and me having to get a real job, I would have never learned about Lotus Notes. I guess everything happens for a reason. For every Yin, there's a Yang.

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