Thursday, March 23, 2006

SnTT - Sametime Awareness In Notes Clients

Okay, one of the biggest complaints I have gotten about Sametime awareness in the Lotus Notes client is that it does not automatically change your status to "I Am Away" after X amount of minutes of inactivity. The old Sametime Connect client had that as an option, but in Notes, it was never there. That's all changed in 7.0.1. I tripped across this tech note yesterday when I was looking up something else. Pretty straight forward notes.ini addition. Basically, if you have the 7.0.1 client, add the following lines to your Notes.ini:

$STActiveToAwayEnabled=1 to enable "Active to Away" on idle
$STAwayToActiveEnabled=1 to enable "Away to Active" on return from idle
$STActiveToAwayTimeout=time to set idle time threshold (in minutes). I use 5.

It works great, and now my boss is happy. Also added it in Installshield Tuner to add include it in 7.0.1 upgrades/installs. Give it a shot!

Hmm...Installshield Tuner. That sounds like a good SnTT entry next week.

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Mikkel Heisterberg said...

Cooooooooooool!! I have a number of clients that will be VERY glad to hear this. :-)