Monday, February 27, 2006


Today marks the official start of my Notes/Domino 7 launch!
I have already updated my Domino Directory on my quasi-lab environment, and all is well there. Not much to it compared to what I went through to get the directory up to R6. Basic steps for those nervous about making the jump:
1. Get a copy of the pubnames.ntf for R7. In my case, I ran through the Domino 7 install to another directory, and only selected installing the templates for the server. I did this on a desktop and had no problems
2. Shut down the Domino server.
3. Copied the pubnames.ntf to the server that was shutdown, and overwrote the current R6 one.
4. At a command prompt, typed in ndesign -f names.nsf, and hit enter.
5. After a couple of seconds, the design was replaced on the database.
6. At the command prompt, typed nupdall names.nsf, and hit enter.
7. For giggles, I then typed in ncompact names.nsf -C. When else do you have a chance to compact your Domino Directory and clean it up?
8. After compact was complete, I restated the server.
See, quick and easy steps on upgrading your Domino Directory. Now, there is a LOT more to upgrading your environment. Actually, a couple of different ways to go about it. My advise, check out the Redbook for more information on upgrading your environment. Personally, I have been reviewing the DVD's and Notes from Lotusphere, but will likely break down and read the Redbook too.

Tomorrow, upgrading the server and mail files and documentation. Stay Tuned!


JKlotz said...


My workplace isn't anywhere near deploying R7, but I've done some playing around linking R7 to DB2 databases.

There are a couple unusual steps (like creating a server id & deleting the server doc afterwards), but for the most part fairly straight forward setup.

Andy Donaldson said...

DB2..hmm, that's flying too close to the sun for me. For now, I'm sticking with NSF, but that can always change, especially if development goes that way.