Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Okay, I have been a slacker the past couple of weeks and have not posted anything. I think I am in the post-Lotusphere slump. I've been incredibly busy at work. The R7 upgrade project is starting to take shape. I have my test server in place and will hopefully get to it next week. I really wish that the "surunas.exe" would be released soon. Tired of having to have the SMS Admin push all my stuff out. I decided to put the brakes on rolling out any more R6.5.4 clients, and am going to roll out just the 7.0.1 clients for now. Not much of a difference, but enough that I would rather get the clients out before the servers. That way, I think I will be able to get to the mail template upgraded a lot faster to the dwa7 template.
This week, it's that time of the year again to run the file retention program. Instead of having an archive policy in place for retention, we use a pretty cut and dry solution. If you don't place mail that you want to keep for up to three years in a specific folder, it gets deleted after 1 year. I get to run this every quarter. One of our vendors put a lot of work into this for us. First time, it ran, but it took forever but worked. Last time, it ran, and deleted EVERYTHING over a year old. Thanks to a genius of a Domino programmer, he was able to get the files put back to how they should be. This time, everything is in place correctly, and running fine. As far as I can tell.
Outside of that, still on the patch. Nine days now since my last smoke. According to the web site, I have saved about $60. I'm just trying to figure out where I got that money in the past. I really wish I would have gotten one of those big water battles, and put $4 in it each day. Maybe $8 on Saturdays. I could be on my way to a new 19" flat panel monitor by now. Oh well ;)


Phil Randolph said...

Congrats on keeping away from the smokes..keep up the fight! It really does add up doesn't it?

Andy Donaldson said...
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Andy Donaldson said...

Thanks, Phil! It's tough, but I have found myself becoming addicted to Pretzel Rods now. I was to the point last night that I was ready to run to the store to buy a bag ;)