Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Memory allocation request exceeded 65,000 bytes

Had an interesting issue this morning. A user that has iNotes5.ntf as if mail template was trying to sync his address book to his mail file so that his contacts would be available in iNotes/DWA. After syncing the address book for a few minutes, (it was a lot of addresses), he got an error message: "Lotus Error: Memory allocation request exceeded 65,000 bytes."
After doing a little digging on the Lotus Support site, I found the answer. Here is the quick and dirty steps:
1. Open the server's iNotes Web Access mail template (iNotes5.ntf) using a Domino R5 Designer client.
2. In the left pane of Designer, select Resources > Script Libraries.
3. Open the script Library "iNotesSync".
4. Select the sub procedure "iN_LogThis".
5. Comment out the second line "Call g_log.LogAction (s_str)" by inserting a single apostrophe ( ' ) in front of it. When done correctly, the line will appear in a different color (usually green) as a comment.
6. Save and close the script library.
7. Exit Domino Designer.
8. When the server's Designer task runs the design of the mail files on the server will be updated. If one wanted to run the Designer task immediately this could be done by issuing the command "load design" on the Domino server console, to update the code in all iNotes Web Access Mail databases on the server.

I then replaced the design of the mail file and had to rebuild all the views, but it took! Never saw that one before.

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