Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday Schtuff...

Well, in case your living under a rock, the Lotusphere Online email went out today. Check your spamq if you didn't get yours. Also saw on Turtle's site that the Wednesday night party is at Sea World. That should be pretty cool. Growing up in Northeast-Ohio, we had a Sea World here once. Was fun in High School when all of your friends worked there and dressed up in the costumes and you could go tease them. Sea World sold the park, packed up Shamu, and moved out of here in the late 90's. Real bummer not being able to take my 6 year old there. My 13 year old remembers going there. Guess I'll just have to start saving pennies and drag them down to Orlando for a vacation. I can sell my body organs on the black market, right?
Anyways, got the new Treo 700w today. Really nice device. Has the power of Windows Mobile with the ease of use of the regular Treo. Using Pylon as a messaging back-end to connect it to Domino is working really well. The downside....I'm not keeping it. I live too far out in the boondocks to get a clean Verizon signal. Not even a full bar of signal and no "EV" high-speed connectivity. Really cool device if you live in an area that has the good Verizon network. Maybe once Sprint gets around putting these devices out, I will get one on that network. Thank goodness for the 15 day return policy.


Chris Whisonant said...

Thanks for heads up on Sea World - cool!!

Hope you like the 700w. Looks promising. I hope the Windows OS is more stable than Palm OS on other treos I've heard of.

I'm hoping to have a BlackBerry 8700c before Lotusphere... =)

Andy Donaldson said...

Hey Chris,
I love the 700w. But after playing with it more last night, I am finding that it stands even with the Treo 650. Don't get me wrong, the Palm OS has had a lot of issues, but, in overall functionality, the 700w is a good companion, not a replacement, for the 650. The only plus so far that I have seen, you can attach files from the "Outlook" email program on the device. But when it comes to overall stability on both client device and server, the BlackBerry kicks EVERYONES butt. In having a BES running for almost 4 years now, I think I have only had about 3 server issues. A reboot fixed those.

Marcelino Guel said...

Hey ther Andy, I stumbled upon your website while doing a google search. Here's my dilema: I would love to buy the 700W, however, I need to make sure that you can access iNotes via the Internet Explorer browser. Have you tested that yet? Last time I tried it on a device running Windows Mobile 2003 and Domino responded that it did not support the browser. I'm not sure if Windows Mobile 5.0 uses a different browser but I will also start to look into that.

Andy Donaldson said...

Hi Marcelino,
I hadn't tried it on the 700, but the likely answer is no. There is a lot of code that is needed to generate the webpage, and those browsers just aren't strong enough. For mobile access to email, you really need a solution like Intellisync, Pylon, or Good.
Sorry I can't help you out more then that.