Monday, January 9, 2006

Random Stuff

Well, after my slight heart failure last week with regards to my room reservation for the 'Sphere, I have decided just to kick it into autopilot mode for the next week or so leading up to Lotusphere. The only big thing on my plate is installing the 6.5.5 release of Domino on my 4 biggest servers to hopefully once and for all take care of the "Message Queue Full" errors. I was also happy to find out today that I am able to change my return flight from Orlando to the Akron-Canton airport. Now, I don't have any lay-overs in Cincy. The Cincy airport on an Friday afternoon is CRAZY. I have traveled through there many times on a Friday, and it is just insane. Now, I get on the plane in Florida, and don't get off again until my feet his Ohio.
I got my weekly mailer from the nice folks over at today. They are going to have a "Live from Lotusphere" blogging event which I plan to take part in. I was thinking about it today on the ride home from the office. What is it about Lotusphere that gets us Lotus geeks all wound up like a kid waiting for Christmas? Now don't deny it. I have seen enough blogs out there to suggest that we are all, in one way or another, like this. Is it just the "week off for good behavior" at work thing? Or is it more the bonding of others over a product that gets dragged through the mud daily by the "Exchangers"? I don't know. Either way, we sure do seem to enjoy it. That's all for now.

Mood Music : Some things are better left unsaid - Hall&Oates

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