Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lotusphere2006 - Tuesday, Jan 24 - Morning Report

I realized something last night as I was looking at my Pearson's VUE profile online. It was exactly, almost to the minute, I year ago since I took my last test, the 620. Okay, I'm going to promise myself that this year, it's not going to take me another year to take the 622 and get my cert! I also realized something last night..no more beer this week. ;-)
Another long day awaits me as soon as I decided to turn off the laptop and get moving. Have a product demonstration lunch today for a new version of a product we use. All of the other sessions today are ones that I REALLY want to hit, so there's no time for screwing around today.
After reading through the blogs last night before bed, it seems like there is a little bit of him-haw about the opening general session. While I didn't feel the excitement, (the flash bang, etc), come across like from the past couple of years, I did get a feeling more that what Lotus is doing is important and they are done screwing around with things like product naming, and they are just getting down to business. That's really what this product needs. No more flash and bang and we've renamed our product to "this", but just the attitude of let's roll up our sleeves and make the best product out there. Not only that, but the feeling that they want to make the most flexible product out there that can perform across several platforms. Face it kids, Apple seems to be making a comeback, and the Mac support is going to go far I think.
Well, enough of that for now. My buddy Joel just called looking for me at breakfast. More to come later today.

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