Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lotusphere2006 - Tuesday, Jan 24 - Evening Report

Another long and crazy day here at the Lotus Love Fest.
Started out this morning in the AD207 - IBM Lotus Domino Web Access Customization session. It started out with some good info, but quickly went over my head. So I ducked out of there, and into the ID111 - Tuning Memory usage on Your IBM Lotus Domino Server. I wish I would have hit that session from the beginning. In the 35 minutes in there, I picked up a lot of good information about Domino memory configurations. Have to download the slides on that one. Later, it was off to the ID112 - Using IBM Lotus Domino Domain Monitoring in the Real World. That alone was worth the trip. Seeing everything that this tool can do is something else. I am really looking forward to having that in production so that I can see what's broke. At least the stuff I don't know about. After lunch, it was in the ID102 IBM Lotus Domino 7 - And Beyond session. There really should not be a question in anyone's head as to the direction of our product. It's here to stay. I finished out my sessions today with a visit to CS103 - Reach Out and Blog. A good session that really needed to be longer. Not as much technical, but more social in it's nature. I really enjoyed listening to the panels ideas on Domino blogging. Hopefully, some of those ideas will be incorporated here. I have never said that I am a writer. I am a geek, but not a writer. I spent the rest of the time today on the product showcase with a coworker going over any products that we may want to look at, and getting more neat stuff. My daughter is going to like the little trinkets I bring home to her. Then the evening came upon us.
I really didn't feel like doing much tonight. Some friends of mine were going to Downtown Disney for drinks, and I really didn't feel like doing that. We headed over to the BlackBerry party, and slowly my mood picked up. When then went over to the HP party which was a fun time. After that, off the JamFest. That is one hell of a fantastic addition to Lotusphere.
Mickeys big hand is getting closer to the 11 o'clock hour, and I am starting to ramble. Tomorrow is the last full day of Lotusphere and then Sea World.
G'nite world.

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