Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lotusphere2006 - Too Funny

As I was waiting for a session to start a little while ago, I overheard people talking and the conversation went to "Who is the guest speaker?" question. I heard someone else respond "I was on theGonzo site which is pretty reliable, and someone posted that William Shatner is the opener and Carrot Top is the closer." My eyes opened wide. I was on the site last week and someone asked for guesses, and that's what I posted. I just sat there and giggled quitely to myself. I'd post the link to it, but it looks like Turtle's site is "sick", and chances are he's watching a football game right now.


Gregg Eldred said...

Kind of makes you wonder who put BillG on the Lotusphere frappr map, doesn't it? ;-)

Andy Donaldson said...

Now that wasn't me, LOL!