Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lotusphere2006 - Sunday Jumpstarts

It's amazing how ones body can jump back after several hours of sleep. It's equally amazing how ones legs can feel the next day after wondering around Epcot all afternoon. It's just after 3 and I am blogging from the Rotunda of the Dolphin. Just ran into one of my favorite support people from a vendor of ours. It's nice when you actually have someone on the other end of the phone willing to get stuff done for you when you have a problem. If your new to Lotusphere, hang out in the Rotunda for a while. It really is the "Grand Central" of this place.
Attended two sessions today. One on admin and one on clustering. One more today on MS integration, and then it's off to pool-side for eats and drinks. My general observations so far this year is that there are a LOT more people here then the last three I attended. That is a very good thing. Can't wait to hear the announcements tomorrow at the General Session. More interested to hear what the press says. I still think that if Lotus said, "We found the cure for (insert disease here), and it works!", the analysts would still say, "What's Redmond doing on this?" Oh well, the proof is in the pudding, or the software for this matter.
Off for more!

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