Friday, January 18, 2013

Lotusphere/Connect Protip - Whatdoyaknow? You CAN use Traveler too!

Yesterday I posted a tip here on the House O' Blog about using mail rules to forward your often overlooked conference mail to an email account you check more frequently.  After posting that, my buddy Don McNally pinged me on Twitter wondering if Traveler could be used like he had in the past.  I hadn't noticed anything on the page that stuck out about that and didn't think much about it further.  That was until this morning and I was on the site taking a look around and I see this.

The information is under the Mobile Site Tips tab.  I went ahead and set it up on my iPhone this morning and it was giving me an error that it "Cannot Get Mail", so your mileage may vary.  But, that does give you the option to try out the Traveler experience as well if you are new to the product stack.  

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Ray Bilyk said...

I just wish you could set up multiple accounts on Traveler... Need to stay connected to the work account.