Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lotusphere/Connect Protip - Don't neglect the conference mail

For years there has always been a lot of complaints/jokes about the Lotusphere Online, now SocialBiz Online, user experience.  Okay, I agree that spinning up a system for the community to use for a month and then tearing it down doesn't make for great adoption.  However, for customers like me, I do find some use out of it.  Not getting to play with Connections a lot, (yes, I know there is Greenhouse), this is nice because it forces/reminds me to use it.  
Then, there is the mail system included in the online conference experience.  Again, another area where a lot of folks make commentary about its lack of purpose.  I've always liked it because it usually uses the latest and greatest version of iNotes that I've probably not gotten to yet, so there is that.  But, it's always been a low priority to check this account daily.  One year, I actually had a situation where I missed an invite to an event because I hadn't checked my conference mail.  So here's a new addition to my "Andy's Guide to...." that I think has some value.
Before the conference, go into your mail file and simply set up a mail rule that on any message sent to your conference address be forwarded to another address that you check regularly.
Simple, right?  Now you won't miss a thing.
See ya in Orlando.


Gregg Eldred said...

Unless the Admins forbid mail forwarding, to keep their servers up and running. And protected from the idiot users.

Andy Donaldson said...

For now at least, they allow forwarding. I've been getting invites to connect with people in my Gmail.

Anonymous said...

I could not setup mail forwarding to the email I registered with. It kept getting replaced with the conference mail address. Must be in the Directory.

I had to use an alternative email.


IdoNotes said...

Also keep in mind the official mobile app has the hooks into the iNotes!

Ray Bilyk said...

Great tip, brother!

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