Sunday, December 16, 2012

Update on Domino Directory to LDAP migration

Well, it's done.  I migrated my Sametime infrastructure this morning to support LDAP.  A lot of people had warned me it wasn't pretty.  They were right.  I got a nice early start in hopes that I would get done quick.  That didn't happen.  It took over three hours to get the first server updated.  The problem I ran into which I hadn't seen before was that my Domino program folder and data folder are on too different drives.  So when you run the stnamechange.cmd file, it's assuming the data folder lives where the program folder is.  Since it didn't I opened a Sev1 call.  We looked in the trace folder and found the error that led to this link
Sametime Name Conversion fails if data directory is not under program directory
Running the command stnamechange.cmd <prog dir> <data dir> immediately converted it and I was good to go!
Another heads up that someone pointed out the other day was to apply a policy to everyone's Sametime that would force the client to download and overwrite the local buddy list.  Well, some people didn't get the policy the other day and they reported duplicates today.  I'm sure I'll have to deal with that tomorrow.

I've updated the SnTT-Sametime Woes (Domino Directory to LDAP) - Now Happy!  post with the few gotchas that showed up.  At least now we are set up right.

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