Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Later, 2012.

So I'm sitting in the office right now and it's almost time for me to scamper out of  here for the rest of the year.  2012 was a busy year for me.  Spent a lot of time working on stuff outside of work, which is a good thing.  So here's my random rundown of the cool things, at least for me, that happened this year.
  • Spoke at Lotusphere 2012.  Couldn't have done it without the help and support from my family putting up with me talking to the wall in the basement for a month while I practiced.  Also couldn't have done it without the support and mentoring of some great friends.
  • Spoke at MWLUG 2012.  Same session as I did at Lotusphere, but had to cut it down from 2 hours until 1.  I talked fast, but I did it.  I also got to present with my son "on stage" with me.  Best feedback I heard was "this was worth the price of the plane ticket."  That was cool to hear.
  • Blogged less then I had in the past.  Maybe the fad/trend is fading a bit due to everyone putting their thoughts on Twitter/Facebook every two seconds.  Still, this site is my my own personal knowledge base.  Several times searching for something I'm trying to find an answer for leads me back to this site.  
  • I got a Mac!  A couple year old hardly used dual-core Mac Mini.  I love it!
  • Photography, (shock, I know), was a huge part of my year.  Getting recognized for my work and having it used to hopefully help save a town is a pretty cool feeling.  The reason I got back into that is I realized I want to make a small difference in the world.  Being an "IT Professional", probably won't give me that gratification inside.  Hopefully having an image I took on someone's wall 100 years from now is what I would love.
So as we head into 2013, I wish you nothing but the happiest of  holiday seasons.  May your 2013 be filled with happiness, joy and whatever you find to make your soul feel alive.  Life is short.  Let's not waste it worrying about silly crap.

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