Thursday, November 1, 2012

iOS 6 oddness and Lotus Traveler Part 4 - It's fixed!

Okay, if you've been following the saga of the calendar entries with iOS6 and Traveler not playing nice, it appears to be fixed.  Just after lunch today I saw that iOS 6.0.1 had been released to the public and on the last bullet item of fixes it stated:

Fixes a bug affecting Exchange meetings

So when I had a few minutes this afternoon and after getting a ping from Sam on Twitter, I reconfigured my iPhone to authenticate with Firstname Lastname rather then my internet email address, which was the workaround.  After doing a quick sync to get my data back, I created a new entry on the calendar and now things are working correctly!  Also, Sam mentioned that he had older entries that were "broke" still on his device.  He reported that going in to update the entry and then save it back out cleared the error on those.  Huzzah!
So go quickly and download the update on your iDevices to 6.0.1!
So thanks to the IBM Traveler support team for getting this issue tested and handed off to Apple for them to fix! And thanks to Sam for testing that out for me as well!

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