Thursday, April 7, 2011

SnTT - Another fun day with Traveler

Had two things come up today that I wanted to share with the class.  Both were goofy things with Traveler.  Not bad, just goofy oversights on our part.  Ready?  Here goes.
  1. My buddy from the hardware team, (the group that is responsible for taking care of all things hardware, including mobile devices), calls me first thing this morning from the executive floor.  One of the execs was having an issue with items in the outbox on his iPhone not sending.  The iPhone was just sitting there in the connecting state with that little spinning icon, but nothing going out.  So we went to work trying to think of anything and everything we could do to fix this.  Which included me resetting the account from the Traveler server side.  When that didn't work, he removed and reinstalled the profile on the iPhone.  Still, nothing worked.  Was it something wrong with the iPhone?  Nope.  But that's when the exec said something.  "You know, I got a couple of big attachments yesterday, could that have something to do with it?"  Bingo.  Mail quotas and Traveler don't play well together.  Well, at least the way the users want them to, I'm sure.  He was over his quota by 20 MB or so.  We had the exec clean up his mail, I ran a compact -C on the server, presto.  Mail was once again working.  So, dear fellow Domino/Traveler Administrator, when someone is saying mail isn't syncing on their device, first stop, quota town.  Goofy, right?
  2. For our second tale of woe this evening, we turn to the tale of my boss getting an iPhone.  Sure.  She's allowed to get an iPhone, but I have to wait until June.  Dang Verizon.  Well anyways, she wanted her phone set up on Traveler.  Again, not a big deal.  I walk her through connecting up to the Traveler server, (which took forever because she has nails and nails can't type on the iPhone screen...comedic hijinks ensues), generating her profile and installing it on the device.  Again, no brainer.  But I found it odd that it didn't prompt her for a PIN as our security policy dictates.  Didn't think too much of it for a while.  I then realized that I hadn't added her name to the group that is allowed to access the server.  If you're not in that group, no Traveler for you normally.  I know it works for others, but why not for her?  Simple.  Since she's my boss, she's in the admin group for our Domino Domain.  The admin group is listed in the Domino Directory security tab as server admins.  So in Traveler, even if you have security set to only allow certain people or groups access the server, the overall admin fields in the Domino Directory trump the Traveler security.  So after adding her to the group and waiting a while, she got the security policy we have set for Traveler.
So there you have it folks.  Two issues that are easily fixed and even more easily overlooked.  Continue on now about your business.


Paul Farris said...

@1 It would be better if Traveler actually told the end user that they were over quota, so that they could make space in their mailfile, or ignore quotas entirely (setting in server config).

Lye Fong Chow said...

Regarding the quota thingy, its the same for Blackberry users too, so I think that's pretty common. But you are certainly right, sometimes we do overlook on it :)