Monday, April 18, 2011

My son, Alex.

_MG_9593 by Macian
_MG_9593, a photo by Macian on Flickr.
Too often I forget that my blog is not just about my exploits in the world of Lotus Notes/Domino, but it's also my sounding board for things in the world.
This is my son, Alex. In just over a month, he graduates from high school and a few months after that, will go off to college.
Alex was diagnosed with PDD-NOS back when he was 3. It's one of the many flavors of Autism. He has overcome much and will have plenty more to overcome ahead of him.
Friday night was his prom. A happy moment for us all. I love that kid.


Roy Rumaner said...

Congratulations to a great kid.

Ben Langhinrchs said...

Congratulations to both of you (and condolences to you, as I hate it every time they leave, even when I am supremely proud of them).

Domino Interface said...


Congratulations Andy. Alex is a great kid. I am glad he was able to help us last year at MWLUG 2010.