Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Lotusphere Schedule

Looks like my dance card is pretty full:
(Click image to enlarge)
I'm not a speaker so I'm really not tied down to having to be at any particular place at any one time.  But as my calendar is showing, it's filling up quickly.  And as the company I work for is good enough to continue to send and support me going, I will be in the one place I need to be, my seat.  Soaking up as much as possible.  And taking lots of notes...about Notes and Domino and Sametime and Traveler and etc.  And blogging.  As much as possible.  Live blogging the OGS?  Perhaps.  Need to find a good way to fit it into my Blogger account.  But if all else, I'll join the Twitter chorus using the #ls11 hash tag.  So if you see me wandering about the conference, be sure to say hi.  Only 11 more days until wheels up to MCO!  See ya down there!

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