Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fort Laurens Revisited

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A salute to the Unknown.
A few years back, I blogged about an event that occurs every year at the site where Fort Laurens once stood.  This outpost, often forgotten about in the annals of history, was manned for close to a year by brave men and women whose dream was that our country would one day be free from British rule.  There was nothing glamorous about their existence at the fort.  Often harassed by local tribes and cut off for months at a time, these brave individuals did what they had to do to make their dream become a reality.  And some of them took their last breath on these grounds.  Again, this is the ONLY site in the United States where there is a "Tomb of the Unknown Solider" for the American Revolution.  Not at Arlington.  Here.  So, if you're ever cruising through Ohio on I-77 on your way south, jump off at exit 93 and stop on over to the site.  If nothing else, to say, "Thanks".
You can click here to see all the pics I took on Saturday.

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Gregg Eldred said...

Thanks for blogging this. I *really* have to visit Ft. Laurens. And Rittman.