Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another weird MIME error

This past Friday morning, I came across a weird error that I couldn't find the answer to online, so of course I have to blog about it.
A co-worker of mine sent along a message that when opening his Notes client, he got the following error:
"Warning: unexpected MIME error:"
After clicking OK, the Notes client would just close. Obviously, it's not his mail file I thought since he sent the message to me via iNotes, so I got to work.  I went to Google and LDD, and found nothing there.  Guess I actually had to work to figure this one out.  First step was to "re-setup" the Notes client by clearing most all of the notes.ini settings out of it.  Upon launching Notes, the configuration wizard fired off and I put in all of the client settings new.  That didn't seem to work, same error.  Then renaming any cache or desktop files so that they would be recreated at launch.  No luck there either.  Ran compact -C and fixup on the names.nsf, still no luck.  But when I renamed his current names.nsf and tried the trick with the notes.ini again, I was able to get into his client.  So I narrowed the hunt down to his NAB.  Closed the Notes client, brought back his old names.nsf that I backed up and upon login, tried a different location document.  Notes worked.  But when I switched back to his location document to use in the office, error message and Notes crash.   So to correct the error I deleted the corrupt connection document and recreated it. Shut down Notes, logged back in with the new location document and all was well.  So, while I'm not sure just why the location document would spit out a MIME error like this, it was an easy fix and didn't cause any real data to be lost.  Just going to add this one to the weird pile.


nickwall said...

Thanks for posting the results to this issue. I have just had a user with exact same problem. Your post has saved me much hair pulling.

Nick Wall

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this solution

It helped me solve our problems.

You can clear the Location= entry in the Notes.ini instead.

When Notes starts it will ask which location to use. Just select island and you can access the client without much hassle.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, I went through the same troubleshooting and deleting the location entry in the INI file was indeed the fix!

The Notes Apprentice said...

Once again you've saved the day for me Andy! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but this didn't work for me. I just had to load the old configuration files (id, bookmark.nsf, desktop6.ndk, headline.nsf, names.nsf, notes.ini, user.dic) from 2 days ago into the application data/lotus/notes/data/ folder, then run notes to make it work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. It saved me alot of troubleshooting time.

Clearing / Removing the Location= line from the NOTES.INI and selecting a different location allowed me to open the Notes client!

Anonymous said...


This was very helpful! :)