Monday, August 3, 2009

IamLUG OGS Recap

If you haven't been following Twitter and Facebook updates this morning from the other delegates at IamLUG, you missed out on some good stuff.

- Chris Miller kicked off the morning welcoming us all to his hometown of St. Louis. Over 170 people from North America registered for the event, as well as 5 from Europe. Chris deserves a lot of the credit on pulling this all together, but also reminded us that all the sponsors are the ones that helped get this all pulled together. Thanks, sponsors!
- Kevin Cavanaugh then took the stage to review the current buzz around the Lotus product line, and the message was great! Also, Lotus has a REAL marketing campaign! Lotus Knows... It really looked like this one can be a hit.
- The OGS finished off with Paul Steel from BlackBerry. Lotus and BlackBerry have entered into a fantastic relationship that will allow BlackBerry to stay current with the new technology that Lotus comes up with.

So stay tuned. More good info to come from IamLUG I'm sure.

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