Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting to Lumière Place for IamLUG!

In my older age, I've become less adventurous with things. One of those things is getting from point A to point B. Sure, when I was in my 20's, I drove across country with a friend to California in an old beat up Honda. But those days are gone and I like to know how to get where I'm going. So this afternoon, the fine folks at Lumière Place called to verify my reservation for my visit to IamLUG. While I had them on the phone, I asked if they had any idea what the average cab fare costs in from the airport. The nice lady on the line informed me that it's usually about $30 bucks each way. Yikes. But, she then told me that there is a shuttle service that they recommend and it's usually about $15 each way. She gave me that number to TransExpress. I gave them a call and they informed me that they offer a $27 round trip special. Not too shabby, plus the website has $1 off coupon. They don't have a desk at the airport, but they do give instructs on what to do to get a lift from them:
Standard Arrivals (All airlines):
(Main Terminal) Upon arriving Lambert-St Louis airport depart concourse and proceed to baggage claim area and locate the Hotel / Motel / Ground Transportation Directory Board across from baggage carousel M-1 (bank of red phones) dial 91. Just have a seat in the chairs in front of M-1 and the driver will meet you there.
So there you have it. Might save you a few bucks if you are into that, like me. Really looking forward to finding out about this whole "8.5.1" thingy next week. Happy travels, all!


Lotusberry said...

You can also take the Metrorail from the airport to the Arch/Lacledes stop and walk about half a block.


Andy Donaldson said...

Ya, I saw that too on the site. I once took the subway from JFK to mid-town once with all my luggage when I was 17. That was an adventure itself LOL. From then on in, I'm sticking to cabs.

IdoNotes said...

Yes, LotusBerry is right. You can take the train for under $4 and be all set. We sent it in the earlier delegate newsletter and it should be in the FAQ.

It is about 2 blocks actually.

Tommy O said...

Keep in mind it's going to be 90 degrees on Monday.

LotusBerry said...

@IDoNotes So when they say "half a block" they're using the DisneyWorld scale of measurement? ;)

@Tommy I didn't consider the weather. I just called TransExpress and since you don't need a reservation or to pay in advance I'm going to make the call when I get to St. Louis. If it's oppressively hot & humid, I'll take the shuttle.

Anonymous said...

Riding Metro in Saint Louis is fine. I don't think you would be frightened in the least. ;-)

If anyone needs a pick up and delivery on Sunday, I am about 10 minutes from Lambert and could assist.