Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, I had a mammogram on Friday

Editors Note: This is not an ASW post. This is not a post to solicit pity, that's why comments are disabled for this post. This is just to clear my mind of a lot of thoughts right now.

No, you read the title right. I had a mammogram on Friday. I know what you're thinking, "only women have those!" Well guess what buddy, so do guys....and it's becoming more common from what the people told me.
Back in December, I started having a lot of soreness around my right nipple and it didn't go away. So after returning from Florida, I decided that it was time to go talk to the doctor about it. Last year a male member of my wife's family had gone through breast cancer so I figured I should be cautious. The doctor took a look at me, felt me up, (no drinks were involved unfortunately), and decided the best thing to do is to get in and have a mammogram done. Let me tell you what guys, you just have not lived until you have a mammogram done! If a woman in your life tells you that they are going to have one of these leftover scientific experiments from the Dark Ages, pity them.
What they do is take your breast, in my case, my man boob, and flap it around this imaging machine like it was a flank steak at the butchers. Oh, but the fun does not end there. They then bring another piece of the imaging device down to lock the breasticle in place so they can take a nice picture of it. And they repeat the step a couple of times per boob. Then, the REAL fun begins if you are lucky. Since my soreness has been in the nipple region, they do whats called a cone test. The only thing missing from this test is the red ball gag and candle wax. They change the tools out so that they have a smaller device to basically pinch the nipple area into position and lock it down. Plain and simple, it hurts.
So after the mammogram it was time to have an ultrasound which was much nicer compared to the other torturous event that was done upon my person earlier.
Now came the waiting game over the weekend. The radiologist had to look at the films and needed to pass along to my doctor the results. I didn't think it was going to come this soon. Last night while with one hand I was migrating users from Exchange to Domino and cooking dinner with the other hand, the doctor called to tell me the news. Ultrasound was negative, but the mammogram had a hit. He wants me to see a surgeon.
How fascinating!
So now I have to wait until next week to see the surgeon. It could be nothing and I'm just being a big baby over everything. But in the back of my head, FUD is lurking. So my thought to my readership is, if you think something is wrong, don't screw around. Go get it looked at.
More updates on this as things progresses.
And for now, don't tell my kids either. It's bad enough that the dog has a tumor in his stomach and they didn't take that news too well.
How fascinating!