Monday, February 9, 2009

Make Sametime Servers Play Nice With Each Other

I had another one of those "pulling what's left of my hair out of my head" moments today. You see, as my company grows, I've decided that it's time to install a couple more remote Sametime servers instead of having all users come back to the home office to connect. My WAN people would appreciate that I'm sure. So with the new server up and running at the remote location, I thought all I would need to do was dabble in the STConfig.nsf and make sure that the VPS_TRUSTED_IPS= was populated correctly. But after checking, rechecking and checking my configuration settings again, I was still unable to have the Sametime server talk to another one. Then I remembered to look in the sametime.log. All of a sudden it was like watching "Blues Clues" with Molly when she was younger. A clue! A clue!
The log file reported the following error:
I Server 09/Feb/09, 12:55:24 Rejecting server server IP - reported security level=0

After searching Sametime support site for "reported security level=0" I found the answer right away. To resolve the issue, I opened the sametime.ini on the new server and looked for the line:
By default, the server had set the value to 25 during initial install. After changing the value to match what my other servers are set to, 0 (zero) and restarting Domino, I was able to get the servers talking to one another. That value must be the same in each Sametime server that you are attempting to get to connect.
Now if I just remember to do this again in a couple weeks with the next server, I just might save a few hairs.


Alex said...

Excellent. this will save me a lot of tie.

I have server groups setup, which tie to configuration documents.

I will put this entry into the Notes.ini section of the configuration document. That way it will automatically be applied and I won't have to rely on my memory.

Tim E. Brown said...

Ever thought about just putting a stand-alone mux server out at the remote location? This can be a very low end server. It might also depend on how the pipes are between the two locations (mux and ST Server), but might be a cheaper and easier solution.

Just a thought.....

Tim E. Brown

IdoNotes said...

@Alex- this is sametime.ini and not the notes.ini file. So configuration docs won't help unfortunately.

Andy Donaldson said...

@IdoNotes - Thanks for replying to that before I had a chance to ;-)