Thursday, May 1, 2008

Admin2008 - ND8 Upgrade Seminar - Day 2

Well, since I forgot about something I had to do back at the office tonight, I figured and I would go ahead and pound out an as long as I am awake. I just got in the door from spending the evening with some of the most intelligent, funny and downright odd folks one could ever meet over at one of the local establishments. If you are wondering who some of these folks are, then you don't spend enough time at, do you?

So another long day has drawn to a close here in Boston and I can safely say that my brain is full. That's right. No more room for anything. At least until tomorrow morning. The day was again spent attending the ND8 Upgrade track and there was really one theme that was repeated through all of the sessions. USE POLICIES. If you are not using them, use them. They allow you to lock down your environment and control how things are done across your domain. But don't think of it as being a control freak. Think of it as a way to keep things under control because it can help you down the road in your upgrades. Again, the amount of knowledge being transfered is worth the cost of this seminar. I just wish I had more time to attend some of the other sessions going on during Admin2008, but, not enough time to hit everything.
So tomorrow finishes off the seminar and then it's a quick trip to Logan and then back home. I'm sure I'll try an do a brain dump of everything that has gone on here over the weekend. For now, it's late, I'm tired and I'm hitting the sack.

G'nite, Boston. Actually, Good Morning.

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