Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Admin2008 - ND8 Upgrade Seminar - Day 1

Getting together with several hundred like minded individuals is never a bad idea. And here in Boston, the sentiment is in full force. Today's sessions started off with a keynote address given by Alistair Rennie from IBM. Now if you had been to Lotusphere in the past, you know that the OGS speeches are very well scripted and are practiced far in advanced which sometimes can make them come off as unnatural. Todays keynote was actually quite the opposite. Alister gave a very effective current state of the Notes/Domino family of products and did it in a very natural flowing way. Didn't seem scripted at all and I feel set the tone for a good start of the day. Ron Sebastian was of course along to give demos of the products. The most stunning demo was the Domino Designer 8.5. WOW! I might actually break down and do some design work at some point! I hate to make the comparison, but, it does have the Visual Studio look to it that would assist the development challenged, (Me), in making dynamic applications. So with the keynote out of the way, it was time to jump headfirst to the ND8 Upgrade seminar. Worth the price of admission. Andy Pedisich, Chris Miller and Rob Axelrod are all folks who have been there/done that/are doing it now type. In other words, doing ND8 upgrades is what they do in their day jobs. Todays sessions pretty much gave the view from 1000 feet. These are the clients, here are the new features, these are the things you need to look out for. Tomorrow, gets into the meat and potatoes of how to do the server and client upgrades.
I'm sure my brain will be hurting my lunch.
For now, it's time to do a little social networking.

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