Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quickr Personal has a new name

I was reading Ed's post this morning about the channel announcements of Lotus Quickr 8.1, which includes the announcement of Lotus Quickr Entry. The new name for the promised Lotus Quickr Personal edition that we heard about at Lotusphere. From what I've read of the announcment, the Quickr 8.1 platform as a whole sounds pretty cool, but I will likely only have a chance to look at the Entry addition when it hits March 28th. From the IBM website:

Lotus Quickr Entry provides:

  • A content store
  • A set of Web services that provides personal file sharing
  • A set of downloadable connectors (similar to plug-ins) that provide access to Lotus Quickr entry places from within desktop applications

Note: The personal file sharing capabilities of Lotus Quickr Entry are also included with Lotus Quickr Standard.

I hope it will provide a good "foot in the door" to get people at the office interested in it! Stay tuned!


Miguel Angel Calvo said...

Hi Andy,
Is it downloadable from Passport or any other place yet ?
Miguel Angel

Andy Donaldson said...

Hi Miguel,
I haven't seen it posted yet on the passport site. I've read that the full version is available now though.