Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blogging from a flood

From the look of things, I may be working a lot from home in the coming week or so. Due to the large amounts of rain and snow we've had over the past several weeks, the mighty Tuscarawas River has started to overflow its banks and cover roads with several inches of water that may quickly turn into several feet of water. And when that happened back in 2005, the area that I now live in was cut off from the mainland. So to celebrate the second coming of the 100 year flood-part 2-3 years later, I created From there, I will post updates on what is going on around here if it gets that bad again. If nothing else, it will be my digital scrapbook of what happens. Plus, we will have special updates from guest blogger Denise "Trixie Butane" Donaldson, as I have also given her access to post updates there. I kinda have to, she's the wife ;-)

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