Wednesday, February 20, 2008

8.0.1 Basic Client goes Nomad!

More happiness with 8.0.1 this afternoon. At the request of one of our managers, I was asked if Nomad was supported. You remember Nomad, right? Notes on a stick? USB Stick that is.

Well, going back through the old blog time machine, (ie: the search function at the top of the website), I found the steps that I had linked to on Chris Whisonant's blog back in October of 2006. I am happy to report that those steps work without a problem for 8.0.1 Basic. I also added the Admin and Designer as per the instructions on Declan's blog, and those worked too.
I remember seeing somewhere that the Standard version will not work, but I can't say with 100% that it won't because I haven't tried it yet. If I get some time at the end of the week, I'll give it a shot.


Chris Whisonant said...

Cool man! I need to load 8.0.1 on my stick.

Standard isn't supported yet.

Gus said...

Thanks for the info. Standard is still not supported as per the below technote from IBM:

Richard Moy said...

Considering how slow the standard client is when loading, it will be even slower over the USB port. Therefore, it would not be very useful unless you want to wait 2 minutes for it to boot up each time

Dean said...

Thanks for the info, however there seems to be a lot of confusion. The Developerworks forum has threads that say it WILL work with 8.0.1, and others that say it won't be supported until the 'next version', whatever that is. I tried it today using the instructions from the 7.0.2 Release Notes, and it did NOT work. I'll check Chris' blog and see if that will do the trick.