Thursday, February 21, 2008

8.0.1 Admin Client with Nomad getting an error

So I was all excited yesterday when I got Nomad installed and running with not only the Notes 8.0.1 client but also the Designer and Admin pieces installed as well. This of course was thanks to Chris and Declan's blogs on how to do it. But last night, I started getting the following error when trying to launch the Admin client off of the USB drive:

"Unrecognized date/time STRUCTURE format specifier"

So after doing some digging around on Notes.Net, I was able to narrow down what the problem was. In addition to copying over the four files of:

  • admin.exe
  • designer.exe
  • events4.ntf
  • domadmin.ntf

You also need to include statrep5.ntf. What was happening was that the Monitoring task for the Admin client was trying to start and since there was no database created due to the lack of the template, it was throwing out that error. I shut down the Admin client, copied it over from another machine, restarted the Admin client and no more error. Hazzah!

Happy Nomad-ing!

(Remember, in 8.0.1, Nomad is only supported with the Basic client.)


Tim E Brown said...

I assume your talking about using NOMAD with the 8.0.1 basic clients.......right? or are you stating that you got it going with the standard clients on your USB? Cause I didn't think the eclipse client could work.

-Tim E. Brown

Andy Donaldson said...

You are correct. This is with the Basic clients, not the Standard. Would be nice to have the Standard, but I'm sure that is somewhere down the road.

Jim G said...

While it may not be possible to install Eclipse/Symphony on to a USB stick as yet it does look like a distinct possibility - see for various USB friendly programs including OpenOfficePortable. OO can be done so it is just a case of hacking Eclipse