Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lotusphere 2008 Report Day 1, Part2 - The Hoss is cold!

When we last left the House O' Blog, I was headed off the the JMP402 - IBM Lotus Quickr in Action. Not a bad session and it really gave some insight into the product and what it can do. I would LOVE to see this in my organization and hopefully after what news comes out tomorrow, (of which I don't know but have heard hints), that this all will be worth pushing even more at the office. With that last session So with that last session out of the way, it was time for the Sunday night party. Okay, I know it's no where NEAR as cold as it is at home, (12 degrees F), but it was pretty chilly at the party tonight. All in all though, a good time was had by all. My co-worker Heidi and I were able to grab a table pretty quickly and soon after others joined us. Met even more people at the party which was really cool, even cooler that they know of the ole "House O' Blog".

So with all of the Sunday formalities out of the way, we have the OGS to look forward to in the morning. It seemed that during all of the sessions that I attended today, the speakers kept dropping hints that there will be more information about the product line announced tomorrow. They were very careful on what they were saying.
Still no clue as to who the guest speaker is. My guess, as always, is "The Shat", but we will see. As for now, I'm calling it a night. Another long day ahead of us and a whole lot of news to take it too.

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Ray Bilyk said...

Get some sleep, Hoss! Lots of learning, discovering, and blogging to do tomorrow!